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In Battlefield 1 it’s more bugy to join a server than it ever was with Battlelog.If you open a party always somebody of your mates can’t join it.Behemoth * Imperator class Titan to crush the enemy of the Omnissiah under the feet of the all mighty God machine, and promptly walked out of bounds by the noob that always gets the Behemoth All of the gun will soon be confirmed in a Flakfire and then 24 hours later by Westie.Forced autobalance within a margin of 10-20% should be the single most important issue for DICE.Cheers Nothing has been said what is coming in the apocalypse, but I have exclusive information that I have just made up the new content will include new weapons vehicles and a behemoth for a noob to get killed in straight away.Pistol * Rob Cops gun that will deploy out of your leg just like the movie and doesn't have a stun setting, dumb remake.There is not even the tiniest which is better with the new (old) system in Battlefield 1. Battlelog was new, cool, innovative and very very practically.The only bad thing about Battlelog was that some people had problems joining a server, but let’s be honest.

LMG * Smart Gun form Aliens Transport * A chariot pulled by 50 Red pandas.

Means things like Facebook or Twitter are huge things. You hat your own profile which you could customize and write something about you or link your youtube or Twitch-Channel and you got views because of this.

The people want to show what they are doing every time and everywhere. This gave you a lot of individuality and this is an important thing. So if you hat a very good round, you could watch it again or share it with your Battlelog Friends in your Battle feed.

BF2Hub released v1.6 of the BF2Hub Client for auto-update and to their website download page.

This version improves usability and enhances the BF2Hub Client with several new features.

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