Chat cam mk

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Installation is the reverse of removal and don't forget to fill up the system with coolant.While it is possible to replace the coolant pump without removing all the lines on the top of the engine I did so I could get Pictures.Remove the three 10mm bolts holding the pump in place and gently pry the pump from the block.If you are inspecting the pump to see if it is good, you also want to check the gasket and mounting area as well for any corrosion or build up. Always use a new O-ring with a little lubricant on it even if reinstalling the old pump.Begin by screwing the threaded portion of the stud into the tensioner mount on the engine block.There is a small threaded hole in the mount that the stud will thread into.If you decide to go this route first begin by labeling all the fuel lines, coolant lines and EVAP lines (red arrows) that are in your way and remove them.They are just a series of hoses clamps and push pull connectors for the fuel lines.

Now, this is not always indicative of a water pump, but a good starting point.If you feel no pressure, it's a fair bet that the water pump is failing.Replacing the water or coolant pump on GTI Mark 4 is a doable job for a DIY'er but it is not a quick job.Next install the washer and nut on the stud so that they are between the cut out in the tensioner lever/bar.Use an 8mm wrench and screw the nut and washer down, compressing the tensioner piston until you compress the tensioner to the point you can slip the belt off. Even though you have already drained the coolant there will still be a little that spills out so protect the belt or move it completely out of the way.

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