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You can learn more about the MLA Format in the If you have not done so already, complete Acadia University's online plagiarism tutorial below. You will usually not be able to find all of the information listed above. When given the chance to select a player, choose Maiko for situations similar to the ones you will encounter at Richland College.

Go to a new line, indent one inch (10 spaces), double space, and begin each new dialogue line with the character's name, all in capitals letters, followed by a period and the dialogue.

If one person's words continue to a second line, indent that line an additional 3 spaces.

The reference appears at the end of the last line of the quote.

Your Work Cited page should look like the picture below. When you use somebody else's words, you are quoting them. For example: Of all the civil rights for which the world has struggled and fought for 5,000 years, the right to learn is undoubtedly the most fundamental... We must insist upon this to give our children the fairness of a start which will equip them with such an array of facts and such an attitude toward truth that they can have a real chance to judge what the world is and what its greater minds have thought it might be (230-231). At the end of your paper, you must provide a Works Cited page that lists all the sources you cited in your paper. The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century. Print A Typical e Book Reiman, Alan, and Roy Edelfelt.

Do not include sources that you did not cite in your paper.

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