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Sometimes women’s outfits, particularly ones that reveal a lot of skin, are perceived as an invitation for sex or a signal of pre-consent.

The truth is that someone’s choice in dress NEVER invites unwanted sexual attention or rape.

Distancing yourself from their harmful grip is an important part of developing a healthy sexuality for women, men and any other gender-identified people.

The topic of consent is typically missing from the sex ed talks we receive at school, home, or a doctor’s office.

There is not one single thing that a person can do to “ask” to be raped. True consent is enthusiastic consent—a deliberate and thoughtful process—not something that can be interpreted.

If a lack of clarity around consent is normalized, rape can be excused as an accident —merely a misunderstanding.Don’t be fooled by this myth, ladies and gentlemen.Flirting and acting romantically interested in someone is commonly interpreted as a desire to have sex.Now that Caroline is dating again, I figured I’d share a little dating tip.When we were in high school, my sister said something that changed the way I approached dating forevermore… Four dating tips, and did you have sex on your wedding night?

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