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The combination of exegete and scholar is firmly established in interpreters like Sir Richard Francis Burton who was devoted to the Lusíadas and labored at «Englishing» it over several years during his career as explorer, adventurer, and diplomat.In addition to the translation of the Portuguese epic, there are his unique commentaries on it and on Camões which fill two volumes to confirm Burton’s extraordinary erudition and personal contact with the exotic lands cited in the poem.

On that note, I would like to share some thoughts with you on the task that faces us (the Executive Council), and, at the same time, to inform you that I have encouraged Council members to engage as many of you as possible in the process.

Another important and sensitive observation is in order.

As you are aware, the AATSP is about to celebrate its 75th anniversary, but not since its founding father, the distinguished scholar and teacher Aurelio M.

The Association may or may not end up choosing women or minorities for its two most important positions, but that is not the point.

The issue is the firm establishment of democratic openness as the paramount guiding principle in the selection of candidates.

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