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Othella last played in the NBA with the Charlotte Bobcats in the 2007/2008 season where he averaged 2.1 ppg. Oh and there is Khaled Reeves who played with Ban Najjar from Lebanon he was the 13th pick I guess in the NBA or something like that. hoom , I can't judge on him , he has a very good CV but this is not enough.

As for Othella well he played only 3 games in the D-League last year averaging 2 pts, 3.3 rebounds, 1 assist in 13 minutes. Petrochimi replace Kevin Johnson with Othella Harrington(( 205cm - pf))!!! I think Othella is a biggest name ever played in Asia! News ID=180542 You really shouldn't believe everything you read on asia-basket or in the media in general.

but they are negotiationg with Safa Ali Kamalian to hire him as head coach. * Mahram will host the 2010 WABA Champions Cup in Tehran in the middle of Esfand (12th month in persian calendar) but Mahram won't host more than 5 teams !!!!but Mahram will win the league, this is obvious :(Some interesting photos from last week's game between Mahram and Azad University.It looks like they had a ceremony before the game to commemorate Aidin Nikkhah-Bahrami :( Reports/8810120963/1_8810120963_L600 Reports/8810120963/2_8810120963_L600 Reports/8810120963/3_8810120963_L600 Reports/8810120963/4_8810120963_L600 Reports/8810120963/12_8810120963_L600 Reports/8810120963/8_8810120963_L600link (Standings : 1 - Mahram 14-0 2 - Zob Ahan 12-2 3 - Petrochimi 9-5 4 - Saba Mehr 9-5 5 - Gorgan 7-7 6 - AS Bond 6-8 7 - Azad Univ 5-9 8 - Towzin 4-10 9 - Shahrekord 3-11 10 - Pasargad 1-132 mistakes! Ontario Lett is injured but he didn't play because of DQ in last week match! Tarver & Kamrani 15 / January 11 AS Bond 64 - Mahram 91 Quarters: (11-28, 11-20, 15-24, 27-19) wow !Ontario Lett was injured with ankle injury that why he didn't not play not because DQ from last game the coach didn't coach because of DQ from last game Safa Ali Kamalian signed with Petrochimi as technical manager (Modire fanni) and Mohammad Kasaeipour will remain their head coach. AS Bond beat Zob Ahan and Petrochimi in Shiraz but Mahram ...

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